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Some high-voltage experiments and pictures are up on my Tesla pages

For CAPI and ISDN programming, here's a ISDN fax and telephony OCX with source code

DIY optical link cable for Fluke Scopemeter 190 series

A couple of other electronics projects

Various matlab scripts on FDTD, neural networks, etc

Short guide for setting up a linux PDF Printer Server for Microsoft Networks (samba, ghostscript, sendmail). Print to the server and receive the PDF via email.

java based games

play a round of Othello, written for a Java course in Otaniemi:
Othello game  finnish docs  source code+pics

or maybe a round of JBingo'99, a vocabulary training bingo game
JBingo99 database | JBingo99 game, direct start
some site designs

HUT KieCafe - Pustekuchen
some german grammar excercises

HUT KieCafe - Välkommen till bords!
course for technical swedish

Finnish for foreigners
here you can learn Finnish and listen to Finnish recordings

Språknät - uusi kultur-osio
online swedish course material (migration under work)

population genetics simulator (freeware)

Helsingin Saksalainen Koulu
previous version, replaced now


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Otaniemi sähköosasto
I'm currently studying electronics engineering
space technology and computational engineering

and Helsingin Yliopisto computing department
computer sciences.

and working amongst others for Metsähovi Radio Observatory and IBM

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