Switch mode audio amplifier + 1000W subwoofer driver module

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An ongoing cooperative project between Audiopoli and Polyteknikkojen Radiokerho. Project goal: an easily replicatable hi-fi quality 1000Wrms(max) subwoofer amplifier that is fully digital from end to end. "Analog" signals will be present only at the loudpeaker.

Fast prototype subprojects:
PCM => PWM board TAS5012, 12Vin => 3.3V regu ja konkat, sisään MCLK SCLK SDATA LRCLK, ulos PWM_A _B _C _D
PCM source puukotettu CD-soitin tai äänikortti, SPDIF vastaanotin
MOSFET half/full-bridge PWM sisään fettiajuri- ja levelshifterpiireille IR2110, tarpeeksi nopeita fettejä 4kpl ja näihin rinnakkaiset schottky diodit, 1kW L-C alipäästösuodin PWM/audio-suodattimeksi, 65Vdc 15A virtalähdeliitäntä

Current project files and prototypes:

Firmware for MSP430 (MSP430F169, CS8416 initialization, TAS3103 initialization and some settings), compiles with mspgcc. Use the Makefile to compile. If you get errors check the envsetup.txt found below in the 'firmware' directory. Note: schematic and board files are for freeware CadSoft Eagle
Conceptual design of the microcontroller and digital mixer board:

DIY kits info:
More infos at later project stage... Presumably available: pre-made PCB boards and full printout of schematics. Ordering of semiconductor parts or samples is likely to be up to yourself.

Class-D/S/T amplifier introductory pages:

Parts and devel links:

CS8416: S/PDIF vastaanotin ja signaalin puuttuessa myös kellogeneraattori TAS3103: max 96kHz 24bit digital audio processor (4 PCM in, 2 PCM stereo and 1 PCM mono out) TAS5012: the heart of the unit, a PCM to PWM converter with EquiBit correction (phase modulation of PWM channels) MSP430F169: general controller and configuration IXFX180N10: 180A 100V HiPerFET, plus-247 package, 400nC Qgate, 100ns switching IRFB31N20D: 31A 200V 0.08ohm hi-freq SMPS MOSFET, 70nC Qgate, 30ns switching IR2110: 500V noninverting low and high side mosfet driver, 2A peak, 10ns max delay mismatch TC4422: 9A peak non-inverting gate driver ...

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