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Banjo effect - long film exposure of a moving streamer
Warning: some of these devices run from 12V, but nevertheless produce voltages high enough to shock and, under most conditions, may even cause severe damage to your health. So be careful.

Remember to use bleeder resistors for all high voltage (over 40V) capacitors.

Never get close to or touch any operating HV device. Use plastic or grounded operation panels.

Build or use any devices presented here entirely at your own risk.

Additionally please note that despite my best efforts the device descriptions given on this site may be flawed or information might be missing, so always think for yourself first. If anything regarding HV is unclear then _ask_ someone, to lessen chances of getting yourself killed in some mindbogglingly embarrassing way.

TV flybacks and car coils
- some applications

Ignition coil driver

Super flyback driver
(audio response, high power)

Kirlian photography



Tesla Coils

General TC info

Small budget Tesla Coil - 200W

Solid State Tesla Coils - x kW




Zero budget (=recycled) tiny
twin Tesla Coil  - 75W
Micro coil



see some other HV sites about TCs, SSTCs, and high voltage in general



TC plans, SMPS notes, tube specs, more from various sources (i.e. these are not my publications! :-)




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