Fullbridge SSTC


New fullbridge:    Old fullbridge:

Full-bridge section mk 2, much better RF layout
>> PCB layout

Local decoupling caps on the back of the full-bridge.

Side view. The four components in the middle are the ultrafast diodes, the other four in the upper section of the pic are schottkys. Currently only four mosfets (IRFP460) out of eight are plugged in. Heatsinks are live / carry rectified mains. Only the source pins are soldered to the board, with an additional copper strip along the pin for a larger contact surface, gate and drain pins folded back or cut short. Reverse series zeners placed accross each fet, directly at the package body pin-out.


General setup. Secondary made of two polypropylene buckets. Transformer coupled base drive.

Full-bridge section mk 1. Too thin tracks.

Transformer ferrite core below, and one finished bobbin above in the pic.

Lousy results. Transformer coupled base drive sucks.


(C) 2002 Jan Wagner