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Solid state coil sites
Here are a few of the ever growing list of solid state coilers.
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(list not ordered by any criteria)

Richie's Tesla Coil Web Page
brilliant theory intro on conventional and solid state coils
in addition to other interesting stuff, their site also has solid state coils - construction progress, pics, schematics, PCB layouts.

Alan Sharp's home page
some experimentation, notes, tips and schematics, and three solid state coils presented

Marco Denicolai - project Thor
A modular HV DC solid state resonant power supply with schematics and theory. This supply (smaller than a pole pig but much more power) can be used to t.ex. power a conventional TC.

Dan's Tesla Coils
Very good site with a couple of solid state projects as well - with full schematics. Has some examples for spice simulations.

Solid State Tesla Coils
Don Klipstein's theory page on SSTCs, presents some ways for TC driving

Solid state magnifier
on Chris Hill's site, it is a cleaned-up schematic of Alan Sharp's push-pull topology SSTC

Switch mode power supplies
a short (but good!) explanation of different "classic" switching power supply topologies - a SSTC is nothing else but a resonant switching power supply, as used, for example, in solid state welding power supplies.

Tjaco's design graveyard
schematics for a simple half-bridge as well as a driver circuit

C. Willis's SSTC
a 300W half-bridge, progress and notes

Chester's SSTC
Another very nice SSTC, with schematics and PCB layouts.

Chris Swinson's SSTC
Nice page with "lab notes" on experimentation progress.

Dr. Gary Johnson's site
Some documents on renewable energy, Tesla coils, and some solid state work.

A very nice page on gate drive xfmr design, highly recommendend!

RayeR's homepage
Various detailed TC projects

Other sites
(in no particular order, directly from bookmark list)

Bert Hickman, general HV and good pics

Sam Barrow, seriously high energy

Electrostatic machines (lot's of them!)
Antonio C. M. de Queiroz, very nice site
Sam's Laser FAQ: Welcome Page
Guru's Lair
very productive guy, a wealth of interesting articles (go visit the Tech Musings section too!)
High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook
by Jim Lux, nice HV related lookup page
Tesla Coil Mailing List
the best mailing list for TC newbies and experts - subscribe!
High Voltage Association

Jochen's High Voltage Page
some schematics for HV gens

HV www board
Snock's High Voltage Page
many working schematics for HV gens
Mike's Electric Stuff
huge amount of pics on various apparatus
Plasma Ball Plans - Sources

US patent search
Wayne Strattman - luminglass: 5,383,295
and other interesting plasma globe etc patents

GTL - German Tesla List
Tesla coil discussion list in german
Kurts Werkstatt


Conventional tesla coil sites

Terry's Tesla Coil Site
some research and coils
also see

Matt Behrends TC site

John Freau's home page
he sells beatiful hand spun toroids

Ross-O's Tesla coil

There are many more good TC pages, at least a few hundred or so. Many of them can be found via the webring, and search for "tesla". Or just try plain old


Scopeboy's TC pages with OLTC experiments and infos, good

Roffesoft TC pages some pics

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