Plasma globes

Here are some pictures of standard household light bulbs, and an evacuated "plasma tube", connected to the HV generator. Touching the glass isn't recommended when using small lamps and a car ignition coil... Larger lamps could be a bit safer, but again, with a car ignition coil it probably will be painful (because of low-frequency content). With a small (<50W <5kV input and <1nF tank cap) Tesla coil you could try to touch the lamp - the frequency is high enough so you don't feel anything. A larger TC will melt through the glass and the bulb can implode...

If you want to use TV flybacks for powering a "globe", be sure to cut out the high voltage diode. Otherwise you won't get any streamers. It must be AC output...

plasma2.jpg (13772 bytes) plasma1.jpg (15991 bytes)

small 15W bulb

larger 25W bulb (more like 60W really)

plasma3.jpg (24980 bytes) plasma5.jpg (29732 bytes)

HV to both center connectors

plasma4.jpg (31803 bytes) plasma6.jpg (34768 bytes)

maybe more detailed...

longer exposure time

evacuated 40cm glass tube,
water filled electrode in the center

some streamers