Some streamers from small TC

Here are some digi camera pictures for the 1.8" TC, run at full power and with "oversized" toroid, and after a mains filter upgrade and some minor corrections (switch device, PFC, SG, cap connectors). The strike rail was a bit too high and in some pics caused mirror streamers or glow discharge upwards. Performance is quite different compared to the low-power "artistic" pictures. NST draws just 200 Watt (100% PFC).


some streamer forks/branches showing
streamer structure

discharge from metal ruler

incoming pretty close

vertical streamer, about 30cm high

a few vertical

A bent strike rail hit (about 28 cm). The hit farther to
the left connects to the HV tank circuit (>35cm)...

a direct strike rail hit

streamers in some directions

bacteriophagus style topload and
streamer formation

same as on left