Streamers from small TC (at low power)

Here are some pictures of streamers from the tiny 1.8" diameter TC. Exposure time ranged from 10 to 20 seconds in total darkness. The film was ASA200 and the camera has a zoom lens, though the distance was just 2 meters. I used f 5.6 and wider apartures, sometimes also f8, for these pics. 

The film captured not the single discharges but the common streamer bases or channels. The actual streamers were longer but less intense at their ends. For this reason only the streamer origins show clearly on film, as a sort of soft looking fuzz, the rest is lost in hazy mist and sadly does not look as "fierce" as it looks in reality.

the tip of a small metallic "christmas
tree" ornament from a christmas tree.
A bit of color retouching done here.

whole picture of same tree as on left

multiple direct strikes
to a grounded rod

multiple distant near-strikes to a
grounded rod. Notice streamers
meeting from the grounded rod.

only a couple of ground hits 
(relatively short exposure)

very short exposure, but long enough
to nicely light up some lightbulbs

streamers and blue glow discharge
reaching towards ground

big lamp lit up by
high voltage

two pictures of discharges
("Gleitentladung") along an insulator

discharges inside a
damp plastic bottle

just some streamers
in closeup

and again some streamers.