Streamers from tiny TC

Here are some preliminary pictures of streamers from the even more tiny twin TC.
All done with digital camera, and the quality is a bit off. The camera didn't enjoy the e-field horribly much and got a bit confused, so some pics are fuzzy.

Performance as for now: 4"-6" crackling streamers if only one secondary is in use. With both secondaries, one gets a 7" branchless, TV flyback like purple streamer between the toroids. The streamer rises slowly in jacobs ladder fashion.

Btw, the spark gap break rate is, as a guess, around 150 times/sec. Estimated from the SG pop noise.

one secondary run + other counterpoise
this strike is quite close to reality

one coil solo, single direkt strike

both coils run in duo
this is the flyback like arc

close-up to streamer, one coil solo
(bad thing the primary is fixed, so I  can't
increase the strike distance... )

fuzzy haze, long exposure

one coil solo, some streamers from
bottom box rim